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Did You Know?

WhaleS in Barbados!!!!

Did you know that you can go whale watching in Barbados? *No there aren’t any official whale watching tours but if you’re in the right place at the right time, you’re in for a show of a lifetime.

The best sighting spots are the North and East Coast of Barbados but in 2022 even those paddle boarding or windsurfinging on the West Coast have been awed by their blowing (water spouting into the air from their blow holes), breaching (leaping into the air), fin and tail slapping.
Credit: International Whaling Commission

* Note: as many populations of humpback whales increase in number following the moratorium on whaling, the species appears to be expanding its range, and is observed more frequently in areas where it was previously thought to be only vagrant…

During the months of December through April, Humpback Whales come to our clear, blue Atlantic waters. In 2022, we were privileged to be their hosts even into the months of May and even as late as November.

Whales in Barbados
Blowing, breaching, fin and tail slapping.